Dr. Dre Reveals Doctors Thought He Would Die From Aneurysm

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Dr. Dre opens up about his health scare.

At the top of 2021, Dr. Dre faced a near-death experience after suffering a highly-publicized brain aneurysm. During a recent appearance on Dolvett Quince’s Workout The Doubt, Dre revealed that the doctors prepared his family for a final visit because they didn’t think that he was going to make it.

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“I’m at Cedars Sinai hospital and they weren’t allowing anybody to come up, meaning visitors or family or anything like that, because of COVID, but they allowed my family to come in,” he said. “I found out later, they called them up so they could say their last goodbyes because they thought I was outta here.”

Dre revealed that he wasn’t even aware of the gravity of the aneurysm when his family visited him. “I didn’t know it was that serious, you know? Seeing my mom and my sister and everybody coming in the room,” he said. “Nobody told me, I had no idea.”

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Dre also discussed the time he spent inside of the hospital which required waking up every hour for two weeks to do tests that he said were similar to sobriety tests. “So every hour for two weeks, I had to wake up and do that. [I was] tired. As soon as they’d leave I would try to go to sleep because I knew they’d be coming back in the next hour,” he said.

Check the clip out below.

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