They had a short-lived spat last month, but these days, YK Osiris and Tory Lanez are on much better terms. The singers had a tense moment when Osiris reacted to Lanez allegedly laughing at his song, “Be My Girl.” The two previously collaborated on the remix to Osiris’s hit “Worth It,” and he reacted to his peer by stating: “Let’s get it understood, what I don’t f*ck with is you on one of my posts laughing and giggling at my art.”

Osiris continued, “I don’t f*ck with sh*t like that. I was just in Vegas with you on some brother-brother sh*t, whatever you wanna call it. And that’s why I don’t f*ck with a lot of n*ggas in the industry because you n*ggas fake.”

YK Osiris
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

During his interview with VladTV, Osiris was asked about adding Lanez and Ty Dolla $ign to his remix.

“I love they voices,” said Osiris, adding that the two artists “killed it.” Vlad mentioned that Lanez and Osiris had a “back and forth” that didn’t seem “serious,” but he wanted to know what was at the root of the disagreement.

“Just him laughing, you know, making jokes,” said the singer. “I just felt like, if you gon’ laugh, just make sure you post my stuff, too… The industry—nobody owe you nothin’ in the industry. You ain’t got no friends, but it is a type of love they can give, because me, I’m gon’ repost your sh*t, I’m gon’ make sure I do certain things, especially if I f*ck with you hard.”

“This sh*t, it’s very competitive,” Osiris continued. “Everybody aiming for your head, so it’s like, keep your head on a swivel and go hard and know that nobody owe you sh*t.”

Apparently, Osiris was with Lanez only days prior, and he told him, “if you gon’ laugh at me, at least repost.” He added, “Everything fun and games but sometimes it’s like, I ain’t got time for all that.” Osiris did emphasize that Lanez is “big bro” and they don’t have any problems.

Check out the clip below.