J.I.D Reveals He Nearly Signed To Quality Control Music Before Dreamville

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Which label do you think is a better fit for the emcee?

When we have locked in an artist with their label, it can often be difficult to see them as a part of another collective. Hip Hop is known for labels having their own distinct sounds, flows, and energies, as often they house their own production and writing teams to keep things cohesive—albeit making sure that artists maintain their individuality. J.I.D has been tearing things up over at Dreamville as he flexes his lyrical muscles in the coveted collective, but according to the Atlanta rapper, he was almost a member of Quality Control Music.

TMZ recently caught up with J.I.D and discussed music for a brief moment, and that’s when the rapper made the revelation.

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The cameraperson mentioned that “J. Cole was gonna sign with 50 [Cent] but went with Jay-Z.” They asked if there was “anyone that you ditched in favor of J. Cole.” J.I.D paused for a moment and said, “Not really ‘ditched.'”

“It just happened,” he answered. “We was about to sign with Coach K, though… That’s my dog.” The TMZ rep was surprised before J.I.D quipped, “I was about to be the fourth Migo. Nah, I’m playin’. That’s my dog.”


Quality Control Music has also been a leading force in Hip Hop in recent years as its artists rack up awards, plaques, and No. 1 selling records. It would have been interesting to hear how J.I.D would have settled in sonically, so let us know if you think he’s better paired with QC or Dreamville.

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