J.I.D Brushes Off Tory Lanez’s Criticism About Music Being “Mid” In 2022

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J.I.D. says 2022 is “one of the best years” for hip-hop after Tory Lanez criticized the quality of music dropping this year.

Tory Lanez had hip-hop Twitter in a frenzy last week after he brushed off the state of music in 2022. The Canadian rapper explained that he felt music this year was “mid” with the exception of a few albums from Kendrick LamarChris Brown, and a few others. However, some don’t feel the same way as Tory Lanez, such as J.I.D., who is on pace to release his forthcoming album, The Forever Story.

J.I.D attends 2020 Roc Nation THE BRUNCH – David Livingston/Getty Images

During a recent interview with TMZ, J.I.D. said that he thought Tory Lanez‘s comments were “crazy,” especially with enormous efforts released by some of the genre’s most prominent figures. “I didn’t even know he said that. That’s crazy,” he said. “Music is music. Bro, it’s all subjective. If that’s how he feels, that’s all perception.”

The interviewer tried to pry further, asking J.I.D. whether he feels it’s been a mediocre year in the genre. “This is one of the best years, I think,” J.I.D. said. “It’s perception. It’s cool.” Later on, J.I.D. also referred to Kendrick Lamar’s album as “the bar” for this year.

Earlier in the interview, J.I.D. also discussed the labels that he could’ve signed prior to Dreamville. He explained that he had conversations with Coach K to join Quality Control before joking that he could’ve been “the fourth Migo.”

Check out J.I.D.’s full interview below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.


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