Dvsn’s Daniel Daley Recalls Waking Up To Woman Holding A Knife To His Back

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Apparently, it was all over a misunderstanding about a text message that read, “Hey baby.”

There are songs that elicit passionate reactions from the public and then there is dvsn’s “If I Get Caught.” This recently released single had R&B fans talking as it was labeled as a “Toxic” summer jam, but dvsn returned to say that the track was “honest.” Some people wondered if the single was inspired by real-life events, and that answer may be affirmative, considering dvsn singer Daniel Daley’s recent revelation on Lip Service.

During the chat, Daley shared a story about one day being awoken by someone sitting on him—and not in a way he wanted them to.

DVSSN, Daniel Daley
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“I woke up one day with a literal knife in my back,” said Daley, before one of the hosts yelled, “What!” He added, “A girl sitting on my back, knife in my back.” The unnamed woman who was seemingly dating the singer apparently was going off on him at the time. Daley also specified that she didn’t stab him, but it was poking his back.

“‘You think I’m f*cking stupid, you think I’m dumb, you dadadada,’ and I was like, I don’t want to move because I was like, ‘Yo, I don’t want to move.’ And then I had to flip around and she’s like, ‘You think I’m…!’ She threw the phone, and she’s like, ‘Why didn’t you answer you’re f*ckin’ texts!?'”

It seems that the woman looked through his phone and saw that he had a text from someone who wrote, “Hey baby.” Daley said he initially didn’t recognize the number before realizing who it was. “It was my Auntie Kim.”

“And literally, the apology that I got was so minimal.” He admitted that he didn’t end the relationship after the incident, but he did eventually break up with her. Watch Daniel Daley relive the moment below.

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