DJ Clue Believes Records Would Improve If Artists Actually “Wrote Their Raps Down”

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The industry veteran thinks that many songs these days need “to be well thought out and not just saying anything.”

For some Hip Hop heads, the methodology involved in how rappers hone their skills is just as important as the final product. There are some artists who could boast about having dozens of notebooks scattered around, filled with rhymes, thoughts, and possibilities. There are others who pride themselves on never writing anything down, with some even treating that talent as if it was better than those with a pen.

We’ve seen an increase in the latter, as they want to follow in the footsteps of artists like Lil Wayne, who has been praised as an artist who doesn’t write down his raps. However, DJ Clue seemingly suggested that this mentality isn’t helping Hip Hop.

DJ Envy, Shenseea, DJ Clue
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The Power 105.1 radio host and music veteran tweeted that in some ways, lyricism is suffering.

“A lot of these records would be better if these rappers took a pen and pad and wrote their raps down,” he said. “It needs to be well thought out and not just saying anything. Some of these songs be A,B,C and awful.. TF [weary face emoji][face palm emoji].”

Several people agreed by saying that there is a “dumbing down” of raps, with one person even calling this time in Hip Hop “the stupidity era.” Check out a few reactions below.

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