Brent Faiyaz Responds To Joe Budden Saying He’s Not Truly Independent

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“It’s wild to think n*ggas got to the level, to the point mothaf*ckers think n*ggas fake the funk,” said Faiyaz.

It took a few months, but Brent Faiyaz is finally addressing Joe Budden‘s comments. Budden is known for his unfiltered takes that he often delivers on his famed podcast, and they include remarks he made about the R&B singer’s career. According to Budden, Faiyaz isn’t really an independent artist because he’s purportedly contracted to a company named Venice Music. He suggested that the singer was using industry “shenanigan tricks,” and Faiyaz seemingly learned of the comments while visiting Million Dollaz Worth of Game.

Gillie Da Kid brought up the Budden moment and Faiyaz seemed surprised. “I’ve never met him in my whole life.”

Brent Faiyaz
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

When asked if he’s “truly independent,” the singer answered, “Absolutely. Absolutely, bruh.”

“That sh*t hilarious, bruh,” he continued. “It’s wild to think n*ggas get to the level, to the point mothaf*ckers think n*ggas fake the funk. I feel like that sh*t is just kinda like, damn. Like, niggas is really doing this… Motherfuckers seen how I was living, every spot I moved into, every motherf*ckin’ opportunity a n*gga got.”

He continued, “So if you get to the level where like, you’re doing your thing to a point where motherf*ckas you ain’t never met saying you didn’t really earn yo sh*t, that’s how you know you must be killing the game.

Check out Brent Faiyaz on Million Dollaz Worth of Game below.

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