Black Thought Addresses People Referring To Him As An “Underrated” Artist

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He also spoke about opting for collaborations with artists who don’t sound or have a similar vibe as his band, The Roots.

Collaborators can range from artists that fit in the same box to pairings that seem as if they would make unlikely matches. We’ve seen Hip Hop artists partner with their peers in Pop, Jazz, R&B, Neo-Soul, Punk, Alt-Rock, and more, and it makes sense for rappers looking to expand and experiment with sounds. Even within our Hip Hop bubble, there is a sonic variety that makes for collision in the booth, much like that of Black Thought and Danger Mouse uniting for their joint album, Cheat Codes.

These two veterans are no strangers to making magic as solo artists and coveted collaborators, and their most recent release speaks to their unmatched talents. The recently caught up with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss the record, and during the conversation, Black Thought shared what he looks for in a collaborator.

Black Thought
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“I think, initially, I look for someone who is not The Roots and is not trying to approximate what I do in The Roots, because that would defeat the purpose,” he said. “I have an outlet for that energy and for the way I write and the way I perform in The Roots, I sort of have The Roots for that. There’s 15 of us. You know? Yeah, if I’m going to work with a different producer, I look for someone who not only doesn’t sound like The Roots, but someone who is comfortable in their own sound and is confident and cognizant of that.”

Elsewhere, he also addressed being referred to as an “underrated” rapper.

“I think over the years I’ve definitely felt like, yeah. I mean, people, everyone says that,” said the Rap legend. “Everyone I meet, ‘You’re so underrated. You’re so underrated.’ Or in interviews, it’s, ‘How do you feel to be so underrated?’ But yeah, I don’t know. The people whose opinions matter to me have always properly rated me, so it’s never really been a huge deal for me.”

Check out more from this interview and see what Danger Mouse and Black Thought have to say about their writing processes, the new forthcoming album from The Roots, and more below.

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