Cordae shared two new songs, “Unacceptable” and “So With That,” for fans on Thursday, ahead of an upcoming interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music 1. In an excerpt from the discussion, Cordae discusses the new songs and reveals that he ran them by Pharrell before releasing them.

“I did all of that stuff off the top. You can [ask] ATL Jacob the producer. I did not write a word. That was all just from the heart, literally. Me saying a couple of lines, line by line just punching in. I think it may be my most vulnerable and transparent song I’ve come out with so far,” Cordae said of “Unacceptable.”

Bennett Raglin / Getty Images

He continued: “When I made this song, I was feeling like my life was on the line. I swear. I just had an alert moment…a huge sense of urgency. I don’t know how else to describe it… just a sense of urgency. We was playing it back and I was just like — we just kept playing it back. I was like ‘I gotta get this out ASAP — this gotta come out now.’”

The new songs come months after his sophomore effort, From A Bird’s Eye View, which he recently admitted left him a bit disappointed. He had shared on social media that he felt his debut album, The Lost Boy, was “definitely” superior.

As for Pharrell, Cordae revealed to Lowe: “I was with Pharrell and I played him a bunch of songs and when I played him that one he was like ‘wow’ — called it ‘incredible’. I’m just gonna be more transparent and vulnerable than ever. For the ones it’s meant to connect with and touch and make feel a certain way, then it’s gonna help them, or it’s meant for them. If you don’t like it, fast forward. That’s love. Keep it pushing… I can sleep very well.”

Cordae also remarked that he’s approaching a similar stage in his career to Lil Wayne’s mixtape era.

Cordae’s full discussion with Zane Lowe is expected to release later this week. Check out “Unacceptable” and “So With That” below.