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YG & Brittany Renner Are Happily In Love In The Visual To “Toxic”



The track samples the Mary J. Blige favorite, “Be Happy,” and sounds like it was penned for side chicks.

As industry shenanigans continue to unfold on social media, YG has been taking care of business away from the viral fray. After suffering a loss when his good friend Slim 400 was shot and killed at the end of 2021, YG has kept himself focused on making music and shaping his record label. There was a moment that took fans by surprise when photos showing YG with Brittany Renner surfaced online, but this week, it was revealed that she was making an appearance in the music video for his new single, “Toxic.”

Renner plays the part of YG‘s wife or girlfriend who is the mother of his kids, while he has another relationship on the side. In the visual, YG is smitten with his lady friend who he can’t get enough of, but it seems that he’s not trying to leave his happy home for his side chick. Let’s just say, she’s left lonely.

“Toxic” also samples a Mary J. Blige favorite, “Be Happy.” Stream YG‘s new single and let us know your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics

She confused, ’cause I love her so that’s what she thought
She’s confused and that’s ’cause I be in it raw
She confused and she tellin’ me it’s my fault
I said I love her, then I point out things that I brought
You knew from the gate I had family I won’t shake
So stop bein’ fake, tears fall from her face when I talk

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