Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Rips Beyoncé For “Renaissance” Lyrics: “More Vile Than Ever”

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Brian Kilmeade and Raymond Arroyo tore into Beyoncé on Fox News, Monday, for her “vile” lyrics on “Renaissance.”

Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade and Raymond Arroyo ripped Beyoncé during an episode of The Ingraham Angle on Monday for lyrics on her new album, Renaissance. The segment comes after she announced that she’d be cleaning up the lyrics to her track, “Heated,” after facing backlash for the use of an ableist slur.

“Now, Brian,” Arroyo began, after playing a portion of the song, “Beyoncé uses the N-word, filthy terms for male/female genitalia, breasts, and ass, but s**z is the offensive term in that lyric.”

Beyonce, Fox News
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Arroyo continued, suggesting that the removal of the slur isn’t enough: “So Beyoncé is removing the word s**z. Never mind that it continues on that backside, that’s perfectly fine. I don’t think she went far enough with the cleanup and the lyric revision.”

Kilmeade picked up from there: “Do you like when you get a little bit older sometimes you mellow? I mean, she’s a parent. You know, you would think we haven’t really seen her in a while, barely dressed, dancing around, and now she comes back more vile than ever, putting out X-rated lyrics.”

Arroyo also called out Drake, who is listed as a writer on the song: “Written by Drake, incidentally. He wrote those lovely lyrics. But why you would sing them as a renowned woman who young people look to, I don’t quite get that.”

“Right, and the wonderfully put together — the great poetry there,” Kilmeade added jokingly. “I think it’ll go down in history.”

Beyoncé’s team announced her intent to change the lyrics to “Heated” with a statement provided to Variety on Monday. While pleasing some fans, it also upset others, such as Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant, who labeled the decision a “joke.”

Check out a portion of Fox News’ segment below.


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