Chris Brown Rips His Pants On Stage Mid-Performance

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Despite the singer’s wardrobe malfunction, his tour with Lil Baby has been going great.

We’re all subject to public embarrassment: dropping groceries at the supermarket, maybe accidentally letting a fart out in public, or exposing our underwear while performing for thousands of people. Maybe not that last part, but that’s what happened to R&B star Chris Brown yesterday while playing a show with Lil Baby on their “One Of Them Ones” tour in Columbus, Ohio.

Fans in the crowd seemed to enjoy the experience, as you can hear some cheers and whoops from the crowd the moment the front of Brown’s front jeans rip. He seemed to take it well, too, as he’s seen laughing and cheekily covering himself up with his hand. Props go to him for performing through the song, too.



As one of R&B’s biggest stars for over a decade, the hype that was built when he announced a tour with one of Atlanta’s biggest rappers, Lil Baby, was easy to see. It seems the tour has been going smoothly for them so far, though.

Chris Brown‘s also been in the news recently for non-pants-related reasons. He recently appeared on Joey Bada$$’s new album2000, a feature that sparked controversy not due to its quality but for his history of domestic violence. Joey has since responded to criticism with a lot of love and respect for the R&B singer. The 33-year-old singer also denied claims that he bailed on a relief concert for Hurricane Ida and Nicholas and has offered a donation for affected citizens.

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