The Generation of Infamous

Day: August 3, 2022

  • Ariana Grande Fans Uncover Sweet Mac Miller Tribute Hidden In Her R.E.M. Beauty Products

    One of Ari’s new lip oils references lyrics from the pair’s 2013 collab, “The Way.” It’s been nearly four years since Mac Miller‘s tragic death, but his fans – and his ex-girlfriend – aren’t ready to let the late rapper’s legacy be forgotten anytime soon. The 26-year-old was in a long-term relationship with actress-turned-singer Ariana Grande prior to his passing.…

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  • Ma$e Speaks On 1997 “Imaginary Player” Diss From JAY-Z

    Looking back now, Ma$e admits he might have been a little “out of pocket” with his response to Hov. While many were eager to tune into Ma$e’s Million Dollaz Worth of Game interview to find out more about the shady $5,000 deal he made with Fivio Foreign, the podcast episode is loaded with other interesting moments – including…

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  • OG Ron C Joins Kid Capri In Calling Out Wiz Khalifa: “ENUFF IS ENUFF”

    Bootleg Kev came to Khalifa’s defence, but OG Ron C didn’t want to hear it. Not long after 55-year-old Kid Capri made it known that he wasn’t impressed by Wiz Khalifa’s berating of a duo of DJs at a Los Angeles nightclub, OG Ron C has followed suit, letting his followers know that he thinks it’s about…

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  • Tyga’s “Ay Caramba” Video & Power 106 Interview Incite Protest In L.A.

    Fans have arranged a protest at Power 106 over their recent interview with Tyga, discussing the video for “Ay Caramba.” A protest is being held at Power 106 in Los Angeles in response to their controversial interview with Tyga to discuss the video for “Ay Caramba.” The interview was conducted by American Cholo podcast host Gil Tejada who has used disparaging language…

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  • BeyHive Defends Beyoncé After She Removes Kelis Sample

    Beyoncé quietly removed Kelis’s sample from “Energy” after complaints about “disrespect.” There’s been no shortage of backlash following the release of Beyoncé’s Renaissance. Whether it’s the right-wing pundits who’ve found Beyoncé’s music to be “vile” or the controversy surrounding the long list of songwriters and samples across the project, it seems like there are plenty of people coming for…

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