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New & Hottest Songs – June 2022 – Pt.40

DaBaby Switches Up His Sound On Davido-Assisted Track “Showing Off Her Body”

Image via DaBaby

Image via DaBaby

DaBaby was definitely thinking of the summer when he recorded this song.

Over the last couple of years, DaBaby has caught flack for not changing up his sound. There are some who feel like his production choices are always the same and that he rarely changes his flow. Well, it appears as though DaBaby has been paying attention to those comments as today, he dropped off a brand new effort with Davido that is clearly geared towards summer vibes.

On this track, we get some laid-back production that is a nice change of pace from the 808-heavy bangers we’re used to from DaBaby. Throughout the song, DaBaby sings with the help of some autotune and his melodies are certainly a departure from what we usually get. As for Davido, this production suits him perfectly and his chemistry with DaBaby is a pleasant surprise.

Give us your thoughts on DaBaby‘s new sound, in the comments section down below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Showin’ off her body fuckin’ with the man
It’s a lotta things you gotta understand to stand beside me (Down, down)
I’m not just anybody
She a good girl and she get it from her mommy (Mommy)

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