Ari Lennox Explains Delay In Releasing Sophomore Album

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Fans are ready for more Ari and the singer gave an update on her anticipated album.

Beloved Dreamville songbird Ari Lennox‘s single “Pressure” is still an R&B jam that her fans continue to stream non-stop, but truth be told, the world is waiting on more music. It was back in 2019 when Lennox delivered her applauded Shea Butter Baby debut project, and while we haven’t necessarily been without anything new since that time, the singer’s dedicated fan base wants more.

Over on Twitter, fans thrive on firing off tweets to and about their favorite artists, and Ari Lennox found herself in the crossfire. A fan wrote, “I’m blaming the label for not releasing the album at this point. I know it’s done. They’re tripping.”

Ari Lennox
Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty Images

However, Ari let her supporter know that Dreamville & Co. isn’t necessarily at fault. Like many of her peers, Ari claimed that it was her need to create the perfect project that may be causing a bit of a delay.

“Boyeeee it’s me,” she said. “I’m a baby perfectionist. She’s not ready yet [heart eyes emoji][red heart emoji]. My sophomore baby is coming soon.”

That’s about all the information the singer was giving up, so it’s unclear when that anticipated album will arrive. Still, her fans seem to understand that as a creative, things take time. This news comes not long after Lennox announced that she would no longer be traveling by airplane as it is a fear of hers, so if a show requires her to fly, she won’t make it.

Check out Ari Lennox‘s tweet below.


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