Tory Lanez Reveals Release Date For New Song “City Boy Summer”

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Tory’s new song title is a very obvious reference.

Tory Lanez is currently in the midst of a very ugly court case with Megan Thee Stallion. As many already know, Lanez is being accused of shooting Meg in the foot during an incident that took place in the Summer of 2020. Tory has maintained his innocence throughout the process, and on September 14th, the trial will officially begin. As for Meg, she believes Tory should be put “under the jail” and that anything less wouldn’t be justice.

Despite all of this, Tory has continued to go strong with his music career as he has released a plethora of projects and singles. In fact, Tory is gearing up for a big release this Friday, and as you can see in the song title, he is going in direct opposition to Meg’s track “Hot Girl Summer.”

Tory Lanez

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for Bitcoin Latinum & TAPSTATS

In the tweet below, Tory reveals that the new song will be called “City Boy Summer” and it will be released this Friday, June 17th. As Tory explained, this track will be coming with a music video, which should definitely excite fans.

Lanez has been known for going hard in the summer, so expect plenty more releases over the coming weeks. As to whether or not we will be getting rap Tory or singing Tory, still remains to be seen.



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