Logic Denies Dissing Reason On “Vinyl Days”

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Logic responds to rumors that he dissed Reason on “Vinyl Days.”

Despite being one of the most harmless rappers alive, Logic somehow finds himself catching strays every so often. In 2020, Reason shook up hip-hop Twitter after he seemingly took shots at Logic on “The Soul Pt. 2” where he rapped, “See y’all mistake my name for Logic’s, y’all got me fucked up/ How you compare a n***a that take from the culture/Versus a n***a that’s for it.” In response, Logic insisted that he had no idea who Reason was.

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However, it seems like Reason felt that Logic was taking a shot at him on “Vinyl Days.” Logic’s repetitive use of the word reason in the song seemed to spark the notion that the Maryland rapper was firing back at the TDE MC. “Come on, homie, listen to the voice of reason/Yeah, you talk a lot of shit but don’t want the beef like a vegan,” he raps. “Fuckin’ with Logic, that’s the reason that you stop breathing/Cardiac arrest caught you at your chest.”

Logic clarified those bars after Rory from the Rory & Mal podcast claimed that Reason believed those bars were directed at him. He explained that he would mention names if it were an actual diss. “Hey bro @reasonTDE my boy @thisisrory said you thought I dissed you on my song Vinyl Days. If I was going to diss you, I’d diss you. I love you, you’re my brother. Let’s get ice cream together some time,” he tweeted.

Rory quoted the tweet, adding, “And here I was just trying to be sensible… smh.”

Logic’s “Vinyl Days” serves as the titular track of his forthcoming album, due out this Friday, June 17th.

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