Yung Joc Responds To T-Pain Calling “Cap” On “Buy U A Drank” Story About Lil Flip

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After it was suggested that Joc said the track came about after Lil Flip swerved T-Pain, the autotune icon denied the allegations.

Another lengthy VladTV interview is upon us and this time, Yung Joc has been dropping off gems. One tale about T-Pain‘s “Buy U A Drank” caught fans by surprise after the Rap veteran claimed that the classic 2007 track came about after an awkward encounter. According to VladTV, the Love & Hip Hop star said that Lil Flip swerved T-Pain and this inspired the song. The details painted the autotune icon as a fan for who Flip didn’t have time.

“We about to go do this big ass car show, this n*gga T-Pain was like, ‘Oh god, I wanna meet Lil Flip. I wanna meet Lil Flip, I’m his biggest fan.’ I’m like, Really? Oh, well I f*ck with Flip.”

Joc then said he attempted to introduce his two peers but things didn’t go as he expected.

“Pain gon’ hate me for this, Pain was like, ‘Eh, put ‘er there,’” he said as he mimicked T-Pain‘s handshake attempt. “‘Put ‘er there,’ like on some white boy sh*t. ‘Hey put ‘er there, chum,’ like, Flip wasn’t feeling none of that. Flip was like, ‘N*gga,’ and walked off. I was like, damn. That sh*t hurt Pain feelings a lot a bit. Not ‘a little bit,’ a lot a bit!”

“We go do the show, Pain come back he like, ‘Man, that sh*t really f*cked me up with Flip.’ I’m like, ‘F*ck that shit man let’s go get something to drink!’ He’s like ‘Man,’ I’m like ‘N*gga, drinks on me n*gga, I’m buying all the shots.'” Not long after, Joc said T-Pain made his hit song and asked him to hop on the track.

Yung Joc
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After The Shade Room reposted the clip of Joc’s interview, T-Pain slid in the comment section with a “cap” emoji. Joc took notice and responded.

“He is absolutely right, the title that The Shade Room put up there is cap. I never said T-Pain made ‘Buy U a Drank’ because of that situation. That’s not what I said. That’s what he’s sayin’ cap. The situation happened exactly the f*ck the way I said it happened. That’s on my mama. That’s exactly how the f*ck it happened.”

Joc added that someone can tell T-Pain to do a VladTV interview of his own to share his side of the story. “I never said he made ‘Buy U a Drank’ because of that moment.” Check it out below.

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