Cardi B Airs Out Fan Accusing Her Of Attempting To Boost Streaming Numbers On Sophomore Album

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Are you excited for Cardi B’s follow-up to “Invasion of Privacy”?

Fans have been waiting for Cardi B‘s sophomore album since she shared her debut, Invasion of Privacy, back in 2018. While we don’t have a release date – or any details, really – just yet, we do know that Cardi is already fiercely defending her forthcoming project.

In response to finding out that the mother of two has plans to include both ‘WAP’ and ‘Up’ on her sophomore album, Bobby Foster wrote on Twitter, “I blame the streaming era. Artists just do this to get certifications for their album. I don’t like it.” The post was later removed, with the creator alleging that he “was not trying to start a stan war,” prompting him to delete it.

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The post sparked a ton of debate online about what Cardi’s intentions are – and if they even matter to anyone but her. Of course, once she got wind of the discourse, the “Thru Your Phone” artist didn’t hesitate to join the chat. In response to Foster’s explanation for his removal, she wrote, “Stop trying to act innocent when [you] know [you] was trying to pander.”

“Why haven’t you said nothing about other [artists] who recently put songs [before] the pandemic on their album or people that have to put other [people’s] songs on their shit… Imagine my biggest song not being on [an] album.”

Speaking in the Hustlers star’s defence, one user wrote, “I don’t see anything wrong with it. The sophomore album was always supposed to be ‘WAP’ and ‘Up”s home. Then she got pregnant and things got delayed. The songs are part of the work and not just random songs thrown on an album.”

In response, the Invasion of Privacy artist quote tweeted, “Lmaaaoooooooooo imagine me not putting my OWN records on my album.”



“Whether it’s good or bad, guess whose album y’all gave promo to today FOR NO REASON?!” Cardi wrote in another post. “THANK YOU, girls! Now get your coins ready!”



Are you excited to hear the 29-year-old’s sophomore album? Sound off in the comment section below, and tap back in with HNHH later for more music news updates.


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