2 Chainz And His Son Predict The NBA Finals Outcome

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2 Chainz asks for his son’s opinions on the NBA Finals on the rapper’s new talk show.

It’s well known that 2 Chainz is a big sports fan. The rapper starred in promos for this year’s Superbowl. He bought 100 pairs of shoes for a children’s basketball fundraiser. He spearheaded an East Coast vs. West Coast All-Star basketball game with Snoop Dogg.

It looks like the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. 2 Chainz just released the first episode of his new talk show Me & Halo, which features him and his son discussing a variety of topics, including life updates, the women in their lives, and sports.

In the video, 2 Chainz announces himself as the “co-host,” letting his son take the wheel. “This is really your show,” 2 Chainz says to Halo. As such, the rapper mainly sticks to asking his son questions. When 2 Chainz asks him about the series between the Warriors and the Mavericks, Halo replies, “I’m a Warriors fan right now.” 2 Chainz is upset with this response, reminding Halo that he “just got an autograph from Luka.”

2 Chainz pivots the conversation to predicting the outcome of the NBA Finals match up. “If it’s Boston versus Golden State,” 2 Chainz begins, only to be cut off by Halo, who very quickly says he’s Golden State all the way. He’s confident, too, saying that he’s willing to bet five thousand dollars on his call.

Check out the full first episode of the series below. The father-son duo definitely have good chemistry, and also seem to have a very similar taste in style. Let us know what you think of Halo’s picks in the comments- does Golden State have what it takes?

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