Jack Harlow Surprises Customers By Manning The Drive-Thru Window Of A KFC

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Jack Harlow took orders at an Atlanta KFC to promote his new partnership with the chain.

You wouldn’t expect to see Jack Harlow working a KFC drive-thru. The hugely successful rapper just released his sophomore album Come Home The Kids Miss You, which featured big names like Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, and Lil Wayne. One song, “Churchill Downs,” also features a collaboration with Drake, and the two just released a lavish music video to go along with it.

So, no, Jack’s KFC stint is not in fact him picking up a side hustle. The rapper took to the drive-thru to promote his new partnership with the restaurant chain, which features a “Jack Harlow Meal.”

Cars lined up around the block to order from Harlow in Smyrna, Atlanta. The restaurant had a huge chicken bucket with the Jack’s face and a massive mural of the rapper on the side of the building. Fans posted a plethora of videos of the rapper working the post to social media, and it seems like he’s having fun in the new role. The custom Harlow Meal will start being sold tomorrow, June 6. It includes KFC’s Secret Recipe Fries, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, a spicy chicken sandwich, a lemonade, and a side of ranch.

KFC isn’t the only brand Harlow’s been working with. He just teamed up with Kawhi Leonard in a New Balance ad, in which the rapper plays one-on-one with the basketball player. Perhaps he’s taking all these deals because Drake lost him money at the Kentucky Derby.

Check out the scene around the Atlanta KFC below, and let us know how you think the Jack Harlow Meal sounds.


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