Jim Jones Talks Feeling Discriminated Against At Gucci Store

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The incident occurred back in February when store employees ignored Jones and his crew. He was asked if he ever had a conversation with them about it.

A quick trip to the Gucci store wasn’t what Jim Jones expected back in February, and he took to social media to accuse the location of purposefully ignoring him. Jones was with his entourage doing a bit of casual shopping, but he claimed that after being escorted to the VIP section of the store, he was ignored and dismissed by employees. Typically, high-profile customers are waited on hand and foot, but that didn’t occur this time around.

The rapper said at the time that there wasn’t anyone to attend to him or his crew, and when they asked for help, they were told someone would come, but no one arrived. They waited for some time before opting to spend their hard-earned cash somewhere else.

Jim Jones
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“This man literally spent over 100k in there in th last 3 months and this is how they handle him nasty,” Jones would share immediately following the visit. “I told him leave tht Sh*t on th counter we out gucci be movin dusty Lol Sh*t is hilarious it never stops.” He discussed the incident more recently when he sat down with Hot 97.

“It wasn’t really about the Gucci store,” Jones stated. “It was about the service that wasn’t provided when I was at the Gucci store spending that money.” He was asked if the situation was handled with a conversation with Gucci or the store’s employees.

“I mean, that’s not really…,” said Jones. “What they gonna do? They gon’ give me some free clothes or something?” Instead, Jones and his team went next door to Louis Vuitton and get themselves a few things. Check out his conversation with Hot 97 below.

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