Bobby Brown Blames Janet Jackson’s Father Joe For Failed Romance

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He called the Pop icon the “crush of [his] life” and said Joe Jackson thought Brown was too “hood” for good girl Janet.

He’s spoken about his connection with Janet Jackson but Bobby Brown has expounded on the romance that could have been. The R&B legend has secured a nice little placement over at the A&E network; not only did they host a two-part docuseries about Brown’s rise to fame, but they have also inked a deal for a family-friendly reality series documenting his home life as a husband and father.

In Biography: Bobby Brown, the New Edition icon detailed having a massive crush on Janet Jackson many decades ago, however, things never moved forward the way he had hoped. Why? According to Brown, Janet’s father, Joe Jackson, stood in their way.

The tales of Joe Jackson have been shared over the years and he is often portrayed as an abusive dictator of a father who pushed his musical children too hard. Yet, simultaneously, Jackson has been revered for helping to change the course of history, not only for his family, but for the music industry, as a whole by shaping the childhood careers of The Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, and Janet.

“I had a big crush on Janet. Everything. Her little smile, her body, dance moves, her little laugh,” Brown said of the singer. “We loved each other’s company…  We didn’t have that long of a relationship. The reason me and Janet broke it off is because she couldn’t be with a man like myself. I’m from the projects. I’m hood.”

“Her father wouldn’t allow her to be with someone like me. Janet was the crush of my life.” We wonder how Ms. Jackson feels about this. Check out a few highlights below.

Janet Jackson
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