She’s usherig in a new season as she prepares for the release of her next record, andOlivia has decided its time to put rumors to rest. The R&B veteran has an extensive, respected resumé in the industry, and during the inception of Love & Hip Hop, millions of viewers watched as she demanded her time in the spotlight. There have been several ebbs and flows throughout Olivia’s career—from J Records to G-Unit—and in a recent chat with TheJasmineBrand, she spoke about her journey.

To begin, Olivia made it clear that despite gossip that may have existed for over a decade, she and 50 Cent are not at odds.

Scott Wintrow / Stringer / Getty Images

“We are all good,” she reportedly told the outlet. “People have to understand the type of person he is, being that he’s a [Cancer], it’s just in his personality. But, when we see each other, everything is fine… We saw each other a couple years ago and it was all love. We reconnected again this year, all fine, so it’s never any bad blood.”

She also joked that she and Fif have had conversations about his online antics. “We used to do that, we used to talk about all of that stuff. He’ll just laugh and be like, ’You know me, I just [say] whatever comes out of my mouth.’ So that’s just his personality.” For what it’s worth, Olivia also admitted that she doesn’t mind being questioned about her G-Unit reign.

“I will never get tired of those questions because obviously it’s a great part in history and I was honored to be [a part] of it. We were a big part of the 2003, 2004, ’05, ’06, ’07 era, so I will never be mad or upset with anybody asking those questions.”

Make sure to check out Olivia’s recently released single “No Permission” here.