Rick Ross Claims That He’s Never Had An Email Address In His Entire Life

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 Image by Bre’anne White c/o Collective Gallery for HNHH

The MMG artist values in-person interaction over digital communication.

Just in case you missed the news, Rick Ross is the star of HNHH’s latest cover story, and throughout the feature, Rozay shares his grand perspective on a wide array of interesting topics, from making gradual steps towards ownership and independence in the music industry to challenging the negative perceptions of nepotism to build generational wealth in his family. Yet with everything that made the final version of the cover story, there were plenty of gems, albeit extremely random ones, that didn’t make it off the cutting room floor.

One of those gems was Rick Ross’ admission that he has never had his own email, which he revealed while comparing the physical CD era to the streaming era.

“I’ve only really released one album since the streaming really been at its strongest point, so for me, of course my greatest times were when we was at Best Buy for the signings,” Rozay reminisces. “That was the best feeling versus streaming. Ain’t no real connection with the fans now, to me. I loved going to autograph day, and the fucking line was from [the door] all the way down the [street]. So the love for the streaming, it’s cool. We still get money, but is it from the streaming, or is it from the brand or Da Boss Rick Ross? Cause regardless, I don’t care what we streaming, Da Boss Rick Ross got demands that’s gotta be met.”

rick ross email

Image by Bre’anne White c/o Collective Gallery for HNHH

“It’s different,” he admits. “When you talking about the streaming, you talking to a nigga who ain’t never had a email.”

For a veteran artist of his stature who successfully operates within the digital music era, manages a roster of younger artists, juggles over 20 brand partnerships, and just held an amazing car and bike show at his massive Fayetteville, Georgia estate, it’s almost unbelievable that Ross hasn’t made at least one email address throughout his lifetime. However, after having his bluff called, Rozay stood on what he said, and his longtime publicist — who was present in the room for the interview — confirmed it to be true.

Rick Ross has experienced a legendary Hip-Hop career, and to think that he has done it all without an email — which is practically a necessity in today’s society — is mindblowing. Let us know in the comments if you think Rick Ross was capping about never having an email, and check out his full cover story here.

rick ross email

Image by Bre’anne White c/o Collective Gallery for HNHH

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