Kanye West 2020 Campaign Committee Claims Someone Stole Thousands To Pay Bills: Report

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The campaign committee reportedly contacted the Federal Election Commission with claims that they “fell victim to a fraud scheme.”

His future political ambitions remain unclear after his failed presidential bid for the 2020 election, but someone has been investigating alleged fraud in Kanye West‘s camp. There have been several accusations made against West in regards to his bid for the Oval Office, with many alleging that the mogul partnered with the far-right in an attempt to split the Democratic vote for a Republican victory. As those accusations simmer, TMZ reported that West’s campaign committee made a revelation.

According to the outlet, the committee “claims they fell victim to a fraud scheme.”

Donald Trump, Kanye West
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The Federal Election Commission was reportedly notified by West’s committee after it stated it found that “someone unaffiliated with the campaign” somehow gained access to its bank account. They alleged that the unnamed person paid off credit card bills to the tune of $3,999. The person reportedly “accessed the account three times between December and February” and the committee is looking to get their money returned.

However, that’s where there seems to be yet another problem; the report stated that the First Bank of Wyoming isn’t reimbursing the alleged lost cash despite the transactions being flagged. The status of this investigation is unclear, but it was reported that the FEC is doing a deep dive into what happened.

It is unknown how the person who is allegedly responsible for the transactions gained this access and if they knew anyone on West’s campaign committee.


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