Coi Leray Is An “Alpha Female” Because Of Her Mother: “She’s Dominant”

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YouTube’s “Aritst on the Rise” shares her story in a new feature where Leray also talks about bossing up in a male-dominated industry.

All things considered, Coi Leray is making a name for herself when others, including her own kin, have often disrupted her shine. Despite the controversies and criticisms, Leray is a beacon of light in a jaded industry and she regularly chooses the high road when faced with obstacles. After delays, Leray’s fans finally received her debut studio album, Trendsetter, this year, allowing YouTube to name the rapper their “Artist on the Rise.”

To accompany the recognition, YouTube featured Leray in a mini-documentary where she discusses her career and development as an artist. She told the platform that her entire family is lovers of music and even revealed that her mother “liked trap music from the day I was born.”

Coi Leray
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“My mom also loved Caribbean music and Jamaican music,” Leray added. “My mom used to go in the car just to listen. What I admire is she’s strong, she’s confident, and she don’t let nobody tell her nothing; she’s dominant, she’s an alpha female, so that’s why I’m an alpha female. I’m dominant, I’m confident.”

“As a young female, a Black female artist in this industry…it’s tough. It’s a male-dominant industry and a lot of guys will make you feel like, ‘Girl, you gon’ listen to me.’ No, you gon’ listen to me! When I get up in the morning, I do what I do. So, you not gonna tell me who I am.”

Check out more from Coi Leray and her feature with YouTube’s “Artist on the Rise” below.

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