Pete Rock Slams Drill Music: “It Disrupts The Soul”

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Pete Rock appears to side with NYC Mayor Eric Adams’s crackdown on drill music.

Drill music continues to dominate streaming platforms but it’s faced extreme scrutiny in recent times. More and more drill rappers are getting charged for violent crimes while officials use social media activity and rap lyrics to prosecute artists. Specifically, in New York, it has become an incredibly contentious topic since Mayor Eric Adams took office.

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While many have condemned Mayor Adams crackdown on drill music, it appears that he’s found a supporter in Pete Rock. The legendary producer chimed in on drill’s popularity, calling the subgenre “trash hop,” not hip-hop.

“idc call me what you want but that kinda hip hop is doo doo and it disrupts the soul i told yall that already man lol smh,” he wrote before criticizing drill rappers as talentless.

“Drill rap not even for the birds or the streets its the result of greed,people with no talent,and the destruction of the culture. Yall never see the play when it’s happening and everyone complains but does not speak up and say a word. Now this! [face palm emoji] this how we going out? Its on social media but who is really promoting this? talk about that smh.”

Some agreed with Pete Rock’s assessment of drill music while others disagreed. Regardless, drill remains one of the hottest genres right now.

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