Rick Ross Is Eyeing An Ownership Role With The Miami Heat

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Rick Ross explains why the Miami Heat is the only NBA team that he wants to do business with.

The Miami Heat, for lack of better words, is on fire. Three games into the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics, the Jimmy Butler-led squad in South Beach currently boasts 2 wins, and despite injuries, the team is showing that it might just make it to the NBA Finals for the second time in three years. As a result, the Miami-based basketball club will likely remain a team that NBA players will gladly join given the chance, and it appears that sentiment also applies to one of Hip-Hop’s most dominant basketball players — Rick Ross.

While he hasn’t worked out with basketball teams like J. Cole or showed out in an NBA All Star game like Quavo, Rick Ross did notch a rebound during Game 2 of the Miami Heat’s Eastern Conference Semifinals matchup against the Philadelphia 76ers, which he stressed was a “postseason rebound” during HNHH’s interview with the Richer Than I Ever Been artist.

But in all seriousness, Ross is adamant about doing business with his hometown NBA team. Although his courtside antics garnered headlines, the MMG founder’s celebratory post from Game 2 actually revealed his interest in becoming a “future team shareholder” of the Heat, and during our conversation, he expanded on that idea and revealed why the Miami Heat is the only NBA team that he wants to do business with.

“Most definitely the Heat. I ain’t just doing this to be doing it,” Ross explained. “I am not going to be driving to Sacramento just because they have me 5 percent of the team. Nah this the Miami Heat. This the Miami Heat. Without a doubt. And I hope all the right people in the organization read this and understand the amount of loyalty we have here. So when we sit down and have that conversation, let’s say, in the next 24 months, we can make this happen.”

Rick Ross via HNHH
Image via HNHH

While the Sacramento Kings may not be too thrilled to learn about Rozay’s response, Rick Ross‘ loyalty to the Miami Heat should leave a positive impression on the Pat Riley-led organization. Stay tuned to HNHH to see if the Florida-bred rapper is able to manifest his dreams once again, and check out his full cover story here.

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