Drake’s Son Adonis Copies LeBron James In Hilarious Video

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Adonis mimicked Lebron’s mannerisms at Drake’s private basketball gym.

It’s no secret Drake is very into basketball. The rapper isn’t just a notorious Toronto Raptors fan. He recently gifted a high school basketball player and his mother $100K, and just entered the basketball card market with a huge purchase. It’s clear he’s also indoctrinated his son into the sport as well- the two were just spotted courtside at a Raptors game.

Now, Drake’s son is showing off his own ball-handling skills. In a video posted by Drake on Instagram, Adonis took to the court to shoot some hoops, and it seems like he’s taking notes from one of the greats.

After shooting the ball, the young kid imitated one of Drake‘s friends, who also happens to be one of the greatest basketball players ever. Adonis does a double chest pat just like LeBron James. Drake was quick to point this out in his caption on the video: “Where is he getting the mannerisms from @kingjames” Lebron responded in his IG story with crying laughing emojis. “My nephew really love the game!!” He wrote.

Adonis has quite the facility in which to practice. It appears he’s balling at his dad’s private court, located inside his mansion in Toronto. This isn’t the first time Drake’s fans have been shown his son’s basketball skills. In December of last year, the proud father posted a video of Adonis dribbling the ball and sinking a two-pointer.

Drake and LeBron have a long history. In March, James and the rest of his Lakers team linked up with Drake in Toronto. Check out Drake’s video and LeBron’s response below.

 Lebron screenshot

Screenshot via @kingjames IG


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