Nicki Minaj Goes Make-Up Free With Natural Hair

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The rapper flaunted her natural beauty on TikTok.

Nicki Minaj has been known to be able to pull off a variety of looks. She stood out in her outfit at the Met Gala, which she attended a couple weeks ago for the first time since 2019. Recently, she’s made headlines by discussing her boobs, talking about how they might be misleading and that she’s considering getting a reduction.

In a TikTok on Monday, Minaj showed off a natural look, with pristine edges, a nondescript white shirt and a golden contact filter.

Nicki then took to Instagram to follow up the TikTok. She posted a video of her straight hair and wrote in the caption, “Btchs would hate on a cardboard box. I do vids like this after taking my braids out & b4 trimming it.”

Her initial TikTok used audio from her recent song with Lil Baby“Do We Have A Problem?”. The single has been making the rounds since February, garnering attention from big names like 50 Cent. Minaj’s TikTok features the beginning of the song with Minaj’s own opening lines: “I just told P, “This really n****s’ worst nightmare, man / They don’t wanna see Lil Baby with the Barbie.”

Lil Baby isn’t the only hot artist Minaj has been collabing with lately. Last month, she released “We Go Up” with Fivio Foreign, which also boasted a lavish music video. She’s been pretty cagey about the song, attacking a fan for criticizing it. Nicki encouraged fans to submit their own remixes to the song, and thousands of fans responded, including Erica Banks.

And speaking of Banks, Minaj was recently mentioned in one of Azealia Banks‘ latest tirades, as Banks claimed Lady Gaga asked her to have beef with Nicki.

Check out Nicki’s hair below, and let us know what you think of the new look in the comments.

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