Freddie Gibbs Reportedly Jumped, Chain Snatched By Benny The Butcher Associates

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Freddie Gibbs was reportedly attacked and had his chain stolen by Benny the Butcher associates.

The Freddie Gibbs and Benny the Butcher beef has escalated dramatically. The two have been verbally attacking one another for a few months now. Benny claimed Gibbs had “begged” to collaborate, while Gibbs announced that he had bars for Benny on an upcoming release.

Now, the beef has apparently gotten physical. On Saturday, Tory Rogers, an artist from Benny the Butcher’s hometown of Buffalo, alleged that he witnessed “Freddie Gibbs get beat up and his chain took.” He detailed the attack in a Twitter thread, and summed it up by saying, “It was bad.”



It seems like Rogers has a video of the attack. He wrote on Twitter, “Video coming soon chain gone.” Wack 100 also claimed to have seen Gibbs losing his chain.

Photos have since surfaced of Gibbs performing in Buffalo right after the alleged altercation. In the photos, it appears he has a swollen eye, and that he’s wearing a balaclava to hide his injuries.

Gibbs is no stranger to beefing with other rappers, recently taking to Twitter to acknowledge that sometimes the fights were on him. He has been poking fun at Benny for a few months, even joking about the attempted robbery where the Griselda mainstay was shot in the leg.

Just a couple weeks ago, Benny claimed that he didn’t know what had started the beef. It might have been when Benny claimed a collaboration with Gibbs “came and went” in an interview. Whatever it was, it seems neither party has moved on.

Take a look at some of the photographs of the injured Freddie Gibbs below.


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