Freddie Gibbs Responds To Benny The Butcher Chain Snatching Rumors

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Freddie Gibbs took to Instagram to show off the chains that were rumored to have been snatched by Benny the Butcher associates.

Yesterday, rumors emerged that Freddie Gibbs was attacked by Benny the Butcher associates and had his chain snatched. The alleged escalation in the two rappers’ beef had the internet abuzz. Now, Freddie has responded to the claims that have been swirling.

The legendary Gary rapper was filmed in a jewelry store showing off his chains to the camera. In the video, a man next to him shows the date on his phone. “Monday, May 16,” the man says. “The jewelry is here.”

Gibbs sounds upbeat in the video, laughing as he looks at the camera and says, “Produce the stolen jewelry that you say that you got.”

The beef between Benny the Butcher and Gibbs has lasted for a few months now. Although Benny claims that he doesn’t know how it started, it seems the first instance of conflict came when Benny said that an opportunity for them to collaborate “came and went.”

The verbal sparring only got more heated. Benny the Butcher claimed that Gibbs “begged” for him to join him on a track, while Gibbs hinted that he had bars for Benny on an upcoming song and joked about the robbery where Benny was shot in the leg. After the alleged beat down by Benny the Butcher associates in Buffalo, Gibbs was photographed performing with what looked like a swollen eye.

Freddie has had his fair share of beefs with rappers, including an ongoing feud with Gunna. Recently, he took to Twitter to acknowledge that sometimes he was the instigator in his multiple beefs. Time will tell how this one with Benny will evolve.

See the photos of Gibbs with an apparent swollen eye below.

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