Bobby Brown Gets “Floods Of Dreams” & Visions Of Late Children, Bobbi Kristina & Bobby Jr.

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The sibling passed away five years apart, both from drug-related causes. Brown says he “always sees them at beaches or in fields.”

Those who have experienced the loss of a child will tell you that it is a tragedy unlike any other, and Bobby Brown unfortunately has grieved two deaths. In a little over a week, A&E will air its two-part series, Biography: Bobby Brown, and the documentary will chronicle the ins and outs of the superstar singer’s longstanding career. From his emergence into the mainstream with the help of New Edition to his takeover as a solo artist to his marriage to Whitney Houston to his addictions and controversies, the world will get a firsthand look at Bobby Brown’s life from the man, himself.

We have previously reported on teasers and trailers shared by A&E, but this time, Brown hypes the release of his documentary with PEOPLE. During their chat, Brown spoke about his late children, Bobbi Kristina and Bobby Brown Jr., who both reportedly passed away due to drug-related incidents.

In 2011, Houston was found unresponsive in her bathtub during Grammy weekend and it was later determined that she died due to an overdose. Four years later, Bobbi Kristina would suffer a similar fate after also being found unresponsive in a tub, but she would go on for months on life support before passing away. In 2020, Bobby Jr. would also die of an overdose, and Brown told PEOPLE that he regularly sees visions of his children.

“I always see them at beaches or in fields,” he said. “They’re running away, but they’re laughing. And they’re always together. I didn’t have many dreams about Bobbi Kris before Bobby Jr. died. But then all of a sudden — floods of dreams.” Brown said that the siblings, who were born only four months apart, “were both musicians and loved to sing.”

“Their relationship was tight. They’d get into their little tiffs but they were thick as thieves.” Biography: Bobby Brown will premiere on May 30.


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