Verzuz battles have easily become one of the music industry’s most popular series. Created during the pandemic to keep people entertained, the platform has made some great artists go head-to-head. They’ve put musicians against each other like Jeezy vs. Gucci ManeMonica vs. Brandy, and even Anthony Hamilton vs. Musiq Souldchild.

Many music lovers have come up with ideas of who they’d like to see go at it, but many artists have turned down the opportunity. However, one producer, in particular, is up for the challenge but doesn’t think anyone will be able to compare to him.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

While guest starring on Trick Daddy‘s cooking show, I Got My Pots, DJ Khaled was asked if he was willing to do a Verzuz battle, and if so, with whom. He responded, “I wouldn’t do a Verzuz right now. But if I ever did one, I would want to do it when I decide to not want to make music no more.” The father of two explained that he would want his body of work to be praised after it’s completed. “I’m just getting started,” he assured the hosts.

The We The Best producer answered who he would compete against by saying, “I really don’t see nobody. My catalog is super strong… I mean that with love.”

Honing in on his success, he added, “You might want to Google it… I’ve been doing this sh*t for two decades.” He continued by saying he’s been topping the charts for nearly 15 years now, “Khaled got hits,” he stated.

Check out the entire clip below. Who do you think can take on Khaled in a battle? Let us know in the comments.