Vince Staples Won’t Flex Wealth: “My Consumer Base…Is Making Minimum Wage”

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“I’m not gon’ go show them a big old house, I’m not gon’ go show them me on vacation, I’m not gon’ show them a car,” the Long Beach rapper says.

It is the norm for rappers to flex their wealth as much as possible to prove that their bank accounts never end, but we’ve seen time and time again that much of that is just an entertainment industry illusion. While flashing cash and jewels is a quick way to capture the attention of the general public, not everyone is interested in trying to use their platforms to boast about their elevated tax brackets.

Vince Staples recently caught up with Big Boy for 92.3 in Los Angeles and during the conversation, he spoke about refraining from bragging about money and instead choosing to connect with fans, where they are. “If I know my consumer base and the people that supporting me is making minimum wage, I’m not gon’ go show them a big old house, I’m not gon’ go show them me on vacation, I’m not gon’ show them a car, a watch, clothes. I’m not going to do that, personally,” Vince said.

“But you can use that to speak to them. So, my thing is if somebody say, like, I repost everybody that buy my stuff, show me they bought a CD and I tell them thank you. There’s no reason to not do that.”

He added, “For me personally, you don’t have to do that. You coulda went and bought some Drake. Like, you get what I’m sayin’? So, with me it’s like, I use it more so to have a direct line of communication with them because that’s the power of artists, like when you sell—when you sign a record deal or any kind of contract…for visibility, right? It’s for people to connect you with your consumer base, that’s their job.”

Staples went on to say that it’s the label’s job to get records in stores, but with record shops almost absent from pop culture these days, the new “stores” is the internet. The label wants its artists to repost the billboard placements or huge moments, but Staples believes artists should also use those special media moments to connect with their consumer base, as well.

Check out Vince Staples‘s interview with Big Boy below.

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