Earlier this month, we reported that Chloe Bailey had announced that her debut solo album is nearly complete. Now, in a new interview with Allure, Chloe sheds more light on her upcoming album release, revealing that her album will be self-titled (Chloe), while also discussing a central theme within it.

Formerly part of a duo with her sister Halle, Chloe hopes to launch her solo career with an album that helps fans understand her better. In the interview, as she described her album, she revealed, “In the beginning, you can tell that [the person] who is singing is like a bird with broken wings. As time went on, you can hear me finding my strength and confidence. I didn’t want to lose that story as I pieced the [songs] together.”

Chloe worked on the album during the pandemic while stuck in London. Chloe admitted it was a tough time for her as it was the longest she had ever been separated from her sister. She confessed that creating music was “therapy” for her during that time.

chloe bailey

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Chloe aims to deliver a message of anti-perfection with the album. During the interview, she said, “We’re not all supposed to be perfect, like bad bitch and confident all the time.”

Amidst dating rumors with Gunna, Chloe also spoke about her dating history during the interview. “I’m getting into that world and learning the ways of men right now, I present myself in my music videos as this really sensual girl, but when it comes to love and relationships, that’s not how I am,” she told the publication.

No update has been provided yet on a potential release date for Chloe. Nonetheless, Chloe did say during her Breakfast Club interview from earlier this month, “It hasn’t been turned in. It’s getting the final mixes and features and all that good stuff.”

Chloe said she plans to drop more singles before releasing her album. In the meantime, fans can revisit and replay “Have Mercy” and “Treat Me.”