Vince Staples Says Lil Baby Waived Massive Fee To Collaborate On “East Point Prayer”

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Vince Staples says that Lil Baby contributed to “Ramona Park Broke My Heart” for free.

Vince Staples says that Lil Baby waived his fee for his work on “East Point Prayer” off of Staples’ newest album, Ramona Park Broke My Heart. Staples discussed the collaboration during a recent interview with Big Boy.

“He did it for free,” he said, before recalling the time he met him. “And I don’t believe in asking nobody to do nothing for free. I believe in whatever you charge – you gotta feed your family, and he did it for free. And you already know, he can charge whatever he wants. It’s funny because I met him at a Motown thing. We was cool and we ain’t really talk like that. And I was like, ‘Lil Baby would sound good on this.’ And I was tryna get it so where we could talk about it. He said, ‘We don’t even have to talk, I’ma do it.’ He just went and did it … he looked out.”

Vince Staples, Lil Baby
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Back in June 2020, it was reported that Baby was charging $100,000 per verse. Seeing how his popularity has only grown in the two years since, the fee has likely gone up.

As for why he went with Baby for the track, he explained to us back in April that “[It] just sounded right.”

He continued: “It wasn’t much past that. Just thought it would sound good. That’s pretty much my only reasoning to ever do musically is ‘cause I think I’ll like it. He’s a good dude and a good artist and a very, very, very, very hardworking person. Everybody likes Lil Baby. I think that’s self-explanatory but just sounded like it would be a good pairing. Just trying to put the music first.”

Check out Staples’s interview with Big Boy below.


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