Sir Mix-A-Lot Celebrates 30 Years Of “Baby Got Back”: “Thank You!”

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Sir Mix-A-Lot reflected on the success of “Baby Got Back,” 30 years after it was released.

Sir Mix-A-Lot celebrated the 30th anniversary of his iconic hit, “Baby Got Back,” on Saturday with a post on social media reflecting on the song’s success. The single was included on the rapper’s 1992 album, Mack Daddy.

“Today…… Baby Got Back turns 30! I’d definitely be lying my ass off if I told you I knew it the whole time,” Sir Mix-A-Lot wrote on Twitter, Saturday. “The song was intended to be a response to (what was then) the beauty standards in America & y’all made it into something far bigger. Thank you!”

Sir Mix-A-Lot
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“Baby Got Back” finished as the second best-selling song in the US in 1992, and has remained relevant in the decades since. In 2008, VH1 ranked it 17th on its 100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop.

For the 25th anniversary of the song in 2017, Sir Mix-A-Lot spoke with Rick Rubin about the making of the track.

“‘Baby Got Back’ was originally supposed to be a slow, serious song, and that sucked,” he said at the time. “That didn’t even raise Rick [Rubin]’s eyebrows. So I sped it up and did it again. When I sent it back to him, he put an exclamation point behind one of his comments and wanted me to take the music out [during] the punchlines, because that’s what was going to last forever. Boy, was he right.”

Check out Sir Mix-A-Lot’s tweet below.




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