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Jack Harlow Lands A Lil Wayne Feature On “Poison”

Jack Harlow/Spotify

Jack Harlow/Spotify

Jack Harlow wasn’t lying when he said “strictly legends” appear on his new album.

Of the four features that Jack Harlow snagged for his Come Home The Kids Miss You album, Drake‘s appearance on “Churchill Downs” appears to have emerged as a fan favourite, although Lil Wayne‘s “Poison” is following quickly behind.

Landing a Tunechi feature is a huge moment for the 24-year-old, and he didn’t hesitate to bring his A-game when it came to crafting his own bars. “Listen to them, but you never trust them / Entertain them, but you never f*ck them / You went and got that wax for nothing  Enjoying the attention, but don’t need a husband,” he raps as the track starts.

Another standout title is “Movie Star” which finds Pharrell not only spitting over the beat but also putting his mastermind composer skills to work on the production, as well as “Dua Lipa,” on which Harlow shoots his shot with the English pop star.

Have you streamed Come Home The Kids Miss You yet? If not, check it out here, and if yes, share your top three favourite tracks in the comment section below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Listen To Them, But You Never Trust Them
Entertain Them, But You Never Fu*k Them
You Went And Got That Wax For Nothing
Enjoying The Attention, But Don’t Need A Husband

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