T-Pain Believes Travis Scott Is Ready To “Prove” Himself: “I Know Where His Heart Is”

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Following the news that Scott would be returning to festival stages for the first time since Astroworld, T-Pain has faith in the rapper.

After making a sneaky appearance at a Coachella partyTravis Scott is returning to the festival arena. Six months ago, 10 people lost their lives during a crowd surge at Astroworld, and immediately, Scott was blamed for the chaos that ensued. Video footage of the concert went viral for months as the world pointed fingers in all directions, leaving Scott to become a sort of pariah in the process.

There were rumors that Scott would be joining Kanye West at Coachella but after Ye canceled at the last minute, the Texas rapper reportedly went with him.

Travis Scott
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It was recently announced that Scott would be taking to the stage at the Primavera Sound Festival in Chile in November, and with the news comes reignited chatter regarding safety issues. The crowd is supposed to be even larger than Astroworld, so when TMZ caught up with T-Pain, they asked him about his thoughts.

“You can’t really say if she just took time,” said T-Pain. “You gotta give him a chance to prove himself. You gotta like, let him do something. Beef up security or beef up the measures for all that stuff. It’s not something that can just be told by time. Lot of people go to jail for a long ass time, get right back out, [then] do the same sh*t they was in jail for.”

“Of course, he’s gonna show and prove,” the music icon continued. “I got faith in him, man. I know where his heart is. He’ll be good. He got it.”

T-Pain also believes that Scott and his team will fully ensure the safety of concertgoers moving forward. Check out the clip of T-Pain and TMZ below.


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