Kehlani Praises Justin Bieber & Jessie Reyez Ahead Of “Blue Water Road” Release

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At the stroke of midnight, we’ll receive the latest musical offering from Kehlani.

We’re just hours away from receiving Kehlani‘s next project and her fans are impatiently waiting. The singer recently came forward to support the victims of newly convicted actor Kaalan Walker and now that the case has found its resolution, Kehlani is back focused on the release of their anticipated project. Throughout their career, Kehlani has been met with many shifts as they transition from one stage of life to the next, and recently, they chatted with Nadeska for R&B Now Radio on Apple Music where they detailed their new record, as well as working with artists like Justin Bieber and Jessie Reyez.

“All of them are just my friends. Me and Justin had the other song on his album that was also natural,” said Kehalni. “He was just like, ‘Hey, can you come just do this verse real quick?’ And I just slid to the studio with Poo Bear, and he just walked me through the verse.”

“I didn’t even hear the song in full until it was about to come out, and I was like, ‘Oh, shoot! This is tight!’ And he’s actually super sweet in this way of he will just FaceTime all the time and be like, ‘You’re the future. Don’t let anybody tell you any different. You’re so great,'” Kehlani added. “And he’s really affirming. I really appreciate that about him.

As far as Reyez is concerned, Kehlani called her “insane to me in the best way.”

“She is the perfect example of just someone doing exactly what they want to do and just being a hundred percent themselves from day one,” said the singer. “I can’t remember any point of her career that I’ve been aware of that has felt contrived. It’s always just been like, you just want to root for her. She just makes you want to love her. And we all do. Everybody who knows her loves her. She’s great and I’m going to give her all the credit in the world every chance I get.”

The full episode will air tomorrow, April 29.

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