Trina Discusses The “Illusion” Of Her Onstage Persona: “That’s My Alter Ego”

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The Rap legend spoke about audiences not knowing the difference between Trina the rapper and Katrina the person.

At this stage of the game, we’re well aware that the entertainment industry is selling an illusion. Whether it is through branding or lyrical content or social media posts, the veil of the industry has been lifted and many of the secrets have been told. However, there are still fans who take what they see or hear and believe it as truth, and Trina recently spoke about how that has impacted her personal life.

The Rap icon is known as “The Baddest B*tch” and her explicit lyrics have become staples in Hip Hop, but she revealed on Uncensored that there can be a downside when people take an entertainment persona as truth

A preview of Trina‘s Uncensored feature shows the Miami hitmaker differentiating her on-stage persona from who she is behind the curtain.

“Back then, it’s a scary place of just being me, the girl off ‘Nann,’ the persona of you like—there’s this raunchy girl that comes from the city and she got this edge and this spunk with this sass,” said Trina. “The song is the streets, that’s what it is. But when I’m with you, it’s a whole different person. That’s the Katrina person.”

“The song is, that’s my alter ego. That’s an illusion,” she added. “You could lust and do all [of those things] with that, but when it comes to me, it has to be real.” Check out the snippet below.

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