Azealia Banks Blasts Hip Hop: “This Murder Sh*t Really Has To F*cking Stop”

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She says, “It’s not gangsta… It’s ruining f*cking everything.”

Her commentary about Hip Hop culture doesn’t go unnoticed and Azealia Banks is once again sharing her thoughts about the state of Rap. Banks’s often unfiltered takes divide pop culture as she has just as many supporters as she does detractors, and recently, Hip Hop took center stage as the multifaceted entertainer issued a few complaints.

“Hiphop audiences are so ghetto and backwards sometimes [eye roll emoji],” she wrote.

Azealia Banks
Cassandra Hannagan / Stringer / Getty Images

“We need an intellectual glow up f*cking pronto,” Banks added. “We cannot be this addicted to/excited about such run of the mill human sh*t. Knowing that most MEN and WOMEN IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY will exchange sexual favors for Job opportunities is not news. The difference is: these white actors who are sucking d*ck for lead roles aren’t shooting and killing one another!!!!”

She wasn’t quite finished; she also shared audio where she elaborated on her thoughts as she spoke at length about the industry “capitalizing” off of the demise and deaths of rappers.

“This Hip Hop murder sh*t really has to f*cking stop. It’s not fun,” Banks continued. “It’s not gangsta, it’s not cool, it’s like, it’s ruining f*cking everything.” Check it out below and let us know if you agree or disagree with Azealia Banks.

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