Twitter Debates Newly Surfaced Footage Of DaBaby’s 2018 Walmart Shooting

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Twitter reacts to unseen security video of the fatal 2018 Walmart shooting involving DaBaby.

Although the case was resolved in court, DaBaby remains under fire for the 2018 Walmart shooting of 19-year-old Jaylin Craig. Last night, Rolling Stone published a new investigative report that included obtained security footage from Walmart that showed the lead-up and aftermath of the shooting.

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The video seems to contradict a few key points made in DaBaby’s argument for the use of self-defense. The report states DaBaby invited the two teenagers before punching Henry Douglas, a friend of Craig’s. DaBaby previously told police that it was Douglas and Craig who asked him to step outside to fight.



After the video emerged, there have been plenty of reactions online, including a few from DaBaby. The North Carolina rapper shared the clip of Tyrese sobbing amid his custody battle with his ex-wife before DaBaby suggested that this was part of a bigger scheme to knock him off of his position.

As expected, the video’s created debate online. Many sided with the family of Jaylin Craig who is still seeking justice. Craig’s mother suggested that the police didn’t investigate thoroughly enough, claiming that cops didn’t interview acquaintances of Craig or DaBaby after the shooting occurred.

Others believe that the footage doesn’t reveal enough to indicate whether DaBaby was the aggressor in the situation.

Check out some of the responses below to the footage from the 2018 Walmart shooting and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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