Questlove Challenges GQ Dubbing Future The “Best Rapper Alive”

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Future’s cover feature by Elliott Wilson was revealed this week and has sparked quite the discussion in Hip Hop.

A debate was sparked among Hip Hop fans this week after Future’s GQ cover was revealed. The feature was penned by journalist Elliott Wilson who, for the publication, dubbed the hitmaker to be the “Best Rapper Alive,” and not everyone agreed with the assessment. While the highlights of the interview were shared throughout several platforms and publications, Rap fans were quick to weigh in about whether or not Future was deserving of such a title.

Entertainers and artists also shared their thoughts on the discussion, including legendary musician Questlove who kept his words brief while making his presence felt.

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The famed drummer is best known for his work with iconic Hip Hop group The Roots, one of the most respected collectives in the genre. On Twitter, Quest reposted Future’s GQ cover with the declaration about the Atlanta star being the “best” in the game, and Questlove added a “.” in the caption.

When a fan asked him if that was a “good” or “bad” reaction, Questlove answered by sharing two freestyle videos of Black Thought and the late Notorious B.I.G. Meanwhile, comedian KevOnStage went viral with his TikTok video criticizing Future being named the best rapper and Wilson reposted the clip and added, “Future won a Grammy.”

It is a conversation that continues to be heavily debated, so add your thoughts in the comments and let us know if you think Future is the best rapper alive.

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