It’s only been two days since Pusha T dropped his project entitled It’s Almost Dryand his sales projections are already in. According to HitsDailyDouble, the album is expected to bring in 50,000 to 55,000 units within its first seven days. Of that number, between 4,000 and 6,000 will be nothing but album sales.

The project, his first since 2020, consists of 12 tracks and features artists like Jay-Z, Lil Uzi VertKid Cudi, and others.

When speaking on the motivation behind the title, Pusha told Rolling Stone, “I’m always creating a masterpiece and in the creation of that in terms of a painting… And you have to wait on masterpieces. Also in drug culture, a lot of times you’ll have people waiting on the product and it’s not dry yet. You can come get it when it’s dry.”

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

The album was composed by two of the music industry’s most prominent producers, Kanye West and Pharrell. While on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,Pusha T compares the two musicians and explains what impact they had on the process.

The rapper told Fallon, “Ye is just a Pusha T rap fanatic. He just wants me to rap all day long, and then he just wants to take them from me and edit them and do what he wants to do with it, right?” On the other hand, he claims Pharrell is more of a composer, stating, “He wants to make sure that every verse, every hook, every cadence, every flow, everything – he likes to call them ‘sticky moments’ – and just stays with you the whole time, throughout the whole song.”

The tour for It’s Almost Dry will begin in May and is set for 12 dates.