Nicki Minaj Gets Spicy: “I Thought The New Btchs Just Do Tweets & Interviews”

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She praised Akbar V’s “We Go Up” bars while also taking a moment to shake the table.

Contenders have been stepping up after Nicki Minaj made a call for rappers to send her their verses for the remix to “We Go Up.” It isn’t every day that a Rap icon who is working on the updated version of her hit single asks the rappers across the globe to send in their verses, yet here we are. We’re sure Minaj & Co. have been receiving an unending amount of applicants, including Akbar V who shared a snippet of her potential addition to the track.

The Shade Room reposted a video of Akbar spitting a few bars and it captured the attention of Minaj who seemingly used the opportunity to address recent controversies where her name has been centered.

Nicki Minaj
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

“Oh ok. Btches still rap?” questioned Minaj. “I thought the new btchs just do tweets & interviews. Waiting on the ghost & I ain’t talkin bout Casper. I ain’t talkin bout a btch car either dont GAS [gas pump emoji] HER. [fire emojis] My bad. Let’s go akbar.” In her caption, Minaj added, “Say the word & I’ll [ghost emoji] spook u btchs. Tmrw y’all ? Don’t play.”

Many believe that the “tweets & interviews” line may have referenced rapper Erica Banks’s recent comments about wanting to work with Minaj. During her interview, Banks remarked that she has reached out to Minaj for a collaboration but feels as if the Queen icon was “[entertaining] girls who really can’t rap.”

Check out Akbar V’s rhymes and Nicki Minaj‘s reaction below.

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