There are millions of opinions shared on social media but a specific note got Jill Scott’s attention. The singer has been involved in her fair share of viral moments as her fans have often revisited her albums, live shows, or interviews, but a YouTuber attempted to ignite a conversation about respectability by comparing Scott to Lizzo and the “He Loves Me” icon issued a cheeky reaction.

Charise Lane uploaded side-by-side photos of the two award-winning artists showing Scott as she was smiling on the red carpet and Lizzo as she showed off her backside while posing on the steps of a private jet.

Jill Scott
Rick Diamond / Staff / Getty Images

“Your size isn’t the reason Men won’t date you. It’s the level of class you have,” Lane wrote In the caption. “For instance, let’s compare Jill Scott to Lizzo. Men, which one would you date?” She followed up that question with another tweet. “Yeah sure as a performer, perform as raunchy as you want, whatever, but going out in broad daylight with your cheeks out is another level of coocoo.”

This prompted a few reactions and comments on Twitter but after screenshots were shared on other platforms, people complained that it was unnecessary to pit the ladies against each other in terms of value. Jill Scott jumped in the comment section and inserted a gif of Kevin Hart saying “Stop That,” to which another Twitter user told her via a gif, “We Love You.”

“I feel it,” she said. Check it all out below.