Snoop Dogg Reveals His Rate For Feature Verses

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Snoop Dogg secures the bag with every verse and video.

Snoop Dogg‘s name is synonymous with hip-hop across the globe. For over 30 years, the rapper’s delivered countless singles and albums that have resonated and influenced music at large. He’s an international star who expanded well beyond hip-hop and into other genres like gospel, reggae, and even country music.

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These days, it isn’t uncommon to hear Snoop Dogg’s voice echo across international markets but if you’re going to secure a verse from the Dogg, it’s going to cost a minimum of 6-figures. The rapper recently appeared on the Full Send Podcast where he revealed that a guest appearance on a song is $250,000 for 16 bars. However, that cost goes up if he appears in the music video as well.

“You’ll get about 16 bars,” he said. “And when it’s time to do the video, I need to get another $250,000 up out of you. And you only got an hour so get to filming.”

One guest appearance that fans are curious about is Snoop’s upcoming collaboration with BTS. The rapper recently confirmed that he and the Grammy-nominated group have some new music together that’s expected to drop in the near future. He didn’t dive into too many details about the record but he confirmed that it is a good vibe.

“It’s official like a referee with a whistle. I love that entertainment world. It’s good music. It’s [a] vibe,” Snoop said. “I make good music. They make good music. And we end up doing this. This is what it’s always about, bringing our worlds together.”

Check out the full episode of the Full Send Podcast below.

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